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How would you like to have thousands of people working around the clock to build your opt-in list for FREE?

When: Wednesday, 7:30 PM
From: Paula Weiland
Presented By: Dale Woodland

Dear Internet Marketer,

What if every single person you came in contact with suddenly started working furiously to build your opt-in list for FREE?

With, you can have thousands of people building you a targeted, double-opt-in list (that means 100% SPAM Free) around the clock.

Here's how it works...

When you sign up, you'll get your own personal copy of this exact website, hosted on our servers, for you to promote.

You will be able to build a network 15 levels deep, with you at the very top. Anyone who joins through your personal web site will be placed directly below you, and will receive his or her own personal copy of this web site.

This process will continue 15 levels deep.

You will be able to send email to everyone in your entire downline (everyone below you in your network) with just the click of a button, through our servers! Your message will be 100% spam-free because everyone below you will have to have directly double-opted-in to receive messages from and you.

Double-opt-in means they will have to fill out an initial form requesting to subscribe, and then click a link in an email they receive to confirm that they really want to be sent email. This will completely eliminate any chance of spam accusation, even if you're sending messages to 100,000's or millions of people.

How quickly and easily can this build my email list?

If you refer just 3 people, and they each refer just 3, and so on, your downline of people who will receive your message could grow to contain OVER 7 MILLION people!

Of course, you can refer as many people as you want. Below is a diagram of how your downline could look if everyone just refers 3 people. Imagine if you referred more than that!

Levels Below You# of Subscribers
Level 11 (you)
Level 23
Level 39
Level 427
Level 581
Level 6243
Level 7729
Level 82187
Level 96561
Level 1019683
Level 1159049
Level 12177147
Level 13531441
Level 141594323
Level 154782969
Grand Total:7174453 (over 7 million)

It's insane! You could have a network of over 7 million people who have opted in to receive mail from you if you only refer 3 people. And the best part is, it's way too easy to refer people to our system because it's FREE!

Everyone you referred is going to be working hard to build their own list. For 15 levels, their work will help build your list. Imagine if you got someone below you who sent an offer about to their list of 20,000 people. If that happened anywhere 15 below you, you'd have the signups generated from those 20,000 people in YOUR DOWNLINE.

In addition, every member who you sign up will receive your customized welcome message in which you can place anything you want.

Yeah, but won't I be receiving floods of email once I join this because people will be sending me email too?

NO! Although you'll be able to email a potentially unlimited number of people with whatever you like, you personally can not receive more than 14 messages per WEEK!

Here's why...In order to prevent the over-flooding and abuse of our users' mailboxes, each member can only send an email to his or her network below them once per week. Since our structure is 15 levels deep, this means that you can have a maximum of 14 people above you, who can send you a message once per week.

So, your mailbox will stay nice and clean, while you can send your message to millions of people!

Sign up TODAY and watch subscribers POUR into your opt-in list!

As soon as you fill out our simple, FREE sign up form, you'll immediately be able to log in to our special member's area and receive the URL of your unique page to which you can send visitors. Since our system is so unbelievably unique, FREE, and useful, you'll see an extremely high number of sign-ups from any type of promotion you do.

So, you know what to do...just enter your name and email address below now to get your FREE account and have everyone below you in your network build your opt-in list for you so you don't have to!

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Your privacy is extremely important to us! Not only will you be able to remove your email from our system completely at any point with the click of a button and stop receiving any email from us whatsoever, your email address will never be released to anyone. Even our members above you who have permission to send you email will never actually see your real email address. We will NEVER spam you or release your personal information to ANYONE.
Sponsored by Dale Woodland. does ABSOLUTELY NOT tolerate SPAM, or unsolicited commercial email at ANY TIME. Anyone caught spamming will have their account terminated instantly on the first report, no questions asked.

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