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When: Wednesday, 7:30 PM
From: Mike Chen
Presented By: DFHawk Enterprises, Inc.

Dear Internet Marketer,

Blood is surging through my veins like crazy. My heart is racing, and I can barely type.

I just got off the phone with Mark Joyner, the man who is considered by many the father of Internet Marketing.

Just a few interesting facts about Mark...

  • Mark is a former US military officer and a cold war veteran of military intelligence

  • He pioneered two billion-dollar Internet industries, those of e-books and ad-tracking

  • He created some of the most successful Internet marketing and network marketing companies in the world

  • One of his sites,, became one of the top 50 sites in the world in just 6 weeks!

  • One of his e-books was downloaded over 1,000,000 times by 1998, and is STILL the only e-book to be rated 5 stars by ZDNet

  • His most recent book, instantly became the #1 best-selling book on when he released it

  • The list goes on and on, so listen to the interview if you want to learn more, and more importantly, how he did it all!
Here's just an extremely small sampling of what you'll find covered in this FREE interview...
  • Exactly what viral marketing REALLY is (from the man who practically created it), and the fundamental thing most people who are using it are DOING ALL WRONG.

  • Why all traffic is not created equal, and how you can leverage this fact and skyrocket your sales right now (Getting hits but not enough sales? If so, this one tip alone may be the most important tip you ever hear).

  • What the "advertorial" format is, and how it's used on you every day to get you to buy things without you really knowing you're being sold!

  • How to intensify your headlines so much that it's virtually impossible for them not to pull sales like crazy!

  • How you can get 1,000's of bigtime e-zine publishers to review your product, bringing you truckloads of amazing, high-quality traffic (and sales)!

  • And most importantly...Why mark is unabashedly giving away ALL his secrets with no holds barred!

  • Many more marketing gems that there's no time to list here. Just listen to the interview for FREE right now.
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